Pittsburgh Classic All Cleaned Up! And Some Inspiration!

So I stumbled upon this lovely lady called PowerCakes, who you should most definitely check out! She has a recipe on her blog for stuffed cabbage bake with cauliflower mash (my Pittsburgh heart swooned). So, I picked up the ingredients and tried it out. It was amazing, healthy, and I have enough leftovers to feed an army! Check out the recipe here.

This got me to thinking, what other traditional Pittsburgh foods could I clean up to satisfy my love for all things Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and ever Eastern European culture in between? Could you salvage pierogi?


That might be a stretch, but I do think you could make a mean Primanti style sandwich with some lean beef, healthy vinegar-based coleslaw and switching out the regular fries for baked sweet potato ones.

A great piece of advice floated through my inbox the other day thanks to Thrive Forward creator Brendan Brazier…

“Focus on what you will be adding to your life

instead of what you’re taking away.”

A clean eating lifestyle doesn’t have to be about giving up all of your favorite foods, denouncing everything that’s dirty, or deriding those that don’t eat clean. It’s about learning what healthy, balanced meals look like that give you optimal nutrition so that your body can perform the way God intended it to. So, recreate a childhood favorite, find a restaurant that makes a mean bison burger if you can’t live without McDonalds, or pick up a new Eat Clean cookbook for inspiration. Just don’t let it set you so off track that you loose sight of your main goal: being the healthiest you possible.


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