Fighting Off the Flu and New Fitness Equipment

Wednesday afternoon I started to feel the onset of the flu. Weird aches and a sore throat, both of which I thought may be from the lack of having a microphone during my morning spin class, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I started my go-to anti-sickness regimin of 500mg Vitamin C and Echinacea capsules every 3 hours, lots of water, black teas (known to have an incredible amount of free-radical chasing polyphenols in them) with honey, and one of the best immune boosting substances you’ve probably never heard of: Olive Leaf Extract


To be honest I had never heard of Olive Leaf Extract it until a few weeks ago when a friend and I were talking about homeopathic remedies for everything from acne to, well, the flu!

Here’s the specs…. it’s an antioxidant and anti-pathogen with immune boosting agents that has been linked to improved cardiovascular function as well as many other health benefits.   If you’re not into homeopathic remedies, feel free to dismiss the claims but I will tell you one thing… it’s Friday and I FEEL GREAT! 

So great in fact that I bought this guy…


Meet Herbie the Jump Rope

I decided to try and expand my cardio horizons when doing weight training sets at the gym. (And I think I just got sick of doing mountain climbers and push-ups to get my heart rate up in between sets!) So, back to middle school it is with this inexpensive piece of fitness equip…seriously >$6!

Do you have any fun heart pumping moves you like to do in between lifting sets?


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