Fat Tuesday means Lent(ils)

Fat Tuesday and Valentine’s Day in one week!? This could be bad folks, really bad! But, I have my game face on and I’m still going strong with my FebruHABITS!

  • Gallon of water a day, check!
  • Lots of veggies every day, check!
  • Reading Proverbs and Great Expectations, double check (I’m almost half-way through GE!).

And I’ve already spent some unexpected coffee, breakfasts, chat time with three wonderful friends this month, so check, check, checkedy-check on being intentionally social! But today I couldn’t say no to this little “love bug” cakepop… too cute! So fudgey, so worth it!


How’s it going for you? Still on track with those habits? Be sure to comment below so we can be in it together! 

Onto the Fat…

So, Fat Tuesday is today…the day before the season of Lent starts. I grew up Roman Catholic, and I remember each year in school (Catholic school that is) picking things to give up during Lent. For some reason it was usually sweets or other guilty pleasure foods ice cream, pop (soda for some of you, coke for others), candy of whatever sort… I gave even gave up AIM once (remember when AOL was popular?) 

Going 40 days without something should make you crave it all the more, right?

But, giving something tangible up for Lent always seems to lead to a lessened desire for it after Lent is over (at least for me)! Which is sort of the premise for FebruHABITS…replacing old habits with new ones (essentially giving something up to make your life better)!  In the same way, the goal of Lent (I learned years later) isn’t merely to just give something up, but rather to fill the time you’d spend on AIM or take the money you would’ve spent on pop, ice cream, etc and use it for God’s glory. Just some food for thought 🙂

And the Lentils…

So, it being the start of Lent tomorrow and today’s letter in the #plantpower challenge being “L” I naturally thought of Lentils!!!

I found this amazing recipe for Vegan Lentil Stuffed Cabbage, and was planning on taking a friend who’s a new mom dinner, so I made a few changes (no brown rice, no raisins, and I added some chili flakes to the lentils to give it a little kick). I made some Cauliflower mash with two parsnips added in for an extra pepperiness and…

BOOM! Pure Vegetable Deliciousness!

vegan cabbage rolls

FYI…I’m not a vegan, but vegetables are so delicious! Do you have favorite veggie-fied recipe? 


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