Is it March already!?

I can’t believe we are already almost a week into March! And that I haven’t posted my final FebruHABITS update! I did pretty good… only missed two days!

Like all my stickers? (I promise I’m really not a nerd)

Finished FebruHABITS

But I think I developed a serious drinking problem… I’ve become a camel! 1 gallon of water everyday sometimes isn’t even enough! I try to stick to just 1 gallon though so that I don’t desalinate my insides too much (and I’ve started craving salt, so I think I’m in the danger zone).

So, how did things wrap up for you guys?! Is there anyone out there who made it through the whole month?  

My reward to myself was…



My cousins and I had a little reunion in Florida for one cousin’s birthday, and we scored some free passes to Disney! (We are going to see Harry Potter later today!!!! again… I promise I’m not a nerd…okay maybe just a little bit)

I’ve eaten so many delicious things it’s not even funny, but I AM starting a new challenge hosted by Powercakes and a few others. It’s called #PowerlBowlADay and you can sign up through this awesome app called ChallengeLoop (you don’t have to download the app tho)! If you’re wondering what a powerbowl is check out the Challenge description… Powercakes describes it all!

Here’s one of my powerbowls from vaca… Powerbowl1

Steamed broc, a can of sodium-free diced tomatoes with chiles, spinach, and some nooch/yogurt sauce. I ate it with some corn chips…um…YUM! I LOVE vegetables…especially broccoli!

Do you have a fave veggie? Or, a favorite meatless dish that could be turned into a powerbowl? I need more ideas! 



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