Thankful Thursday!

So, I know I’ve missed the opportunity for quite a few Thankful Thursday posts, but today I’m truly thankful for…

family ziplining



I just spent a week in Florida visiting two sides of my family, and boy am I exhausted! We did saw so much, and now that I’m back I think I may need another week just to recuperate!

But, that’s definitely not happening because tonight it’s also back to teaching spin! My students better be ready for me because I put together a Back in the Saddle playlist for them knowing I’d need a good post-vacay workout (altho I did get in a spin class, a nice long run, and walked and walked and walked while I was away).

Check out the playlist on Rhapsody

It’s a climb, jump, hill, sprint profile that features a song from Aerosmith’s new album and a classic from LL Cool J 😀 I’m super tired but pumped to try it out!

What are YOU thankful for this Thursday!?


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