Just another Monday?

Mondays are so vanilla, but that just means you can add a bunch of crazy toppings to it to make it a great experience. So, here’s some chocolate-covered cherries for your afternoon… #motivationalmonday

862964_617500368759_1970025028_nIt’s my desktop wallpaper. It was written by Paul Graham after he read some research that a palliative care nurse did on the biggest regrets people have near the end of their life. He took the top 5 and turned them into positives…words to live by on a dreary Monday morning!

But…I’m actually feeling pretty cheery this Monday! Why? 1. I got a nice mid-tempo 90min run in yesterday afternoon despite the oncoming snow/rain/slush mixture, but I had to fight that voice that kept telling me…just stay on this nice comfy couch!907548_617388847249_1981372434_n

Afterward, a friend asked, isn’t Sunday supposed to be for rest? Yes, and I felt so relaxed and refreshed afterward! No amount of couch-sitting or channel-surfing would have done the same.  So, maybe I haven’t fallen too far behind in my half-marathon training after all…maybe!

2. I got an Easter goody package  from my mom in the mail today! I bet you thought those stopped after college…nope! My mom is the sweetest! And, it had a gift certificate and some coupons to Dick’s Sporting Goods in it… new running shoes…here I come!

3. I scored a great deal through LivingSocial for some Crossfit classes. I’ve been wanting to get involved in Crossfit, but with teaching spin 3x/week it makes paying for a membership seem a bit Cray-Z…can’t wait until after the marathon to start!

Do you have a Monday pick-me-up routine? Do anything exciting or restful this weekend? 


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