Thankful Thursday #prayforBoston edition

On Monday as I got word about the bombings in Boston and tightened security here in DC


On Tuesday when my Yogi SmarTea reminded me to…



On Wednesday when ricin letters and mysterious packages were found just a few hundred feet away from where I live and work resulting in mucho media on our doorstep…


And today when I woke up with a heavy heart and breath in my lungs…

I prayed.

It’s something I do regularly, and would encourage you to do! Even if you’ve never done it before…even if it starts when you #prayforboston…even if you’re not quite sure about this whole God thing…even if you’re angry at God or can’t even begin to understand why tragedy exists…pray.

Why? 1. Because I believe God will answer you and 2. If nothing else this week should remind us that “you do not know what tomorrow will bring”(James 4:14) If you could say there is a silver lining to tragedy, I think it would be its galvanizing and sobering effect on how we perceive life…it’s short and it’s up to each os uf to decide if its bitter or sweet.

My life is sweet because I know the higher, bigger and better thing I live for…

do you? 


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