Plank a Day in May!

So, I mentioned yesterday to look out for info on my Plank a Day in May challenge via Challenge Loop! I totally meant to post this last night, but I got a free ticket to hear Isabel Allende (she wrote a stellar novel version of Zorro) and I couldn’t pass that up!


It’s pretty easy to sign up for Plank A Day in May and all you need to complete the challenge is yourself and the floor!

What’s the challenge? One plank a day held until failure or for a set amount of time. For example, I did 2 planks for 1.5 min each yesterday morning with my feet elevated on an exercise ball. I chose to do two sets of knees to chest (still with my feet on the exercise ball in plank position), but you definitely don’t have to do any extras as part of the challenge.

Post the kind of plank you did (check out the challenge page for ideas on different types) and/or have a friend take a photo of you rocking out your plank.

What’s a plank? Good question! There are lots of different types of planks. The most basic looks like a push up that starts on your elbows…


My friend Joyce rocking out her plank!

More advanced planks include extending your arms…

tracy plank

Then there are lots of variations in each position: like lifting one leg…

tracy plank 2

There’s also…lifting one arm, lifting one arm AND one leg together, elevating your legs, elevating your upper body, or even kicking it out in front of you and eventually trying to grab your big toe (whaaa! I know… a little nuts!)

Why planks? They are one of the easiest (no equip necessary) core strengthening exercises you can do! Plus, they not only work your abdominals, but also your shoulders, back, arms, quads, and calfs. Variations on the original can also focus on other parts of your core (i.e. side planks work your obliques, and elevated leg planks work your shoulders more).

Why a challenge? So the question should be…why not! You’ve literally got nothing to lose (except maybe your love handles) AND  you’ve got a free accountability partner right here to cheer you on! Plus, I’m working on a sweet prize for the winner (picked randomly).

Go, go, go! Plank plank plank! 


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