I did it! Thankful Thursday: runner’s edition

This past Sunday I ran my 3rd half-marathon in Pittsburgh and set a new PR of 1:58:15, which was a full 12.5 some minutes better than last year’s run (wooohooo)! I’ve run the race 4 years in a row now (3 halves and one full marathon) and each year I’ve been so honored to run for charity and with family and friends!

Me pghmarathon4

So, this #thankfulThursday I’m thankful for the ability to run and run for a reason! I’m thankful for the legs that carried me across the finish line (#heygirl inspired T-shirt and all)…


Every time I go out on a run I think…there are people who literally cannot run! Whether it’s because of an ailment, amputation or lack of health. And remembering that pushes me to keep going, just like during the race so many people chose to #runforBoston


HUGE thank you and virtual hugs to everyone who donated, ran with me, cheered me on, and gave me props for finishing. And all I can say is… I was NEVER a runner! I started off running a 13-14min mile gasping for breath every step, but I kept on running, kept on pushing myself and now I truly believe in mind over matter 🙂

What keeps you motivated to run, swim, bike, hike, whatever you do!?


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