Thankful Thursday: #KitchenLoveAffair Edition

Sometimes I take things for granted. Like growing up with a mom who taught me how to cook! Thanks Mom! My dad cooks too, and I can remember the whole family in the kitchen for Thanksgiving hand mixing the stuffing (all three of us)…


The padres spent Christmas with me in DC!

So this Thursday I’m thankful that I learned how to cook!

I was reading a few articles recently about the childhood obesity epidemic and one thing from a US News article by Yoni Freedhoff caught my attention…

“I’d argue that the simple act of cooking—a health-preserving life skill—is a skill that risks extinction. In some families, regular home cooking is a phenomenon not seen for three generations.”

When I was in 8th grade we took home-economics, which included a cooking section and a sewing section. I was surprised to learn that most schools (I think mainly due to budget cuts) just don’t have those types of programs anymore because I’m not that old! (or maybe I am but I won’t admit it 😉

And that’s what I hear from people a lot… “I don’t know how to cook!” Now, there are lots of healthy options that need minimal cooking, but how do you learn how to make this…

Black bean, tomato, & quinoa salad on top of a bed of spinach, with a taco seasoned tilapia filet on top (literally took 20 min to make!)

if you grew up eating this one or twice a week…


I really hope this was shared between a few people!

Both are tasty… I’ll admit, but if your tastebuds are hooked on the fats in fast foods, the sugars in soft drinks (it’s really called pop, but that’s for another post), and feeling of being overly-full because of the bloating that usually comes along with processed foods…where do you start on the road to health?

Personally, I think it comes down to prioritizing health over convenience and dedicating time and effort to really learn the basics of cooking (including how to season things so that health food doesn’t equal bland food). Sign up for a cooking class, ask a friend for some lessons (I’ll help you if you want!), or talk to your grandma (believe me… she probably did more cooking than a normal family does nowadays)!

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m no Julia Child! But neither is he…

And, there are still things that I’m scared to cook/bake (pie crusts are the bane of my existence!) But knowing how to cook has allowed me to be able to experiment with new flavors, create Cannellini Bean Ranch Dressing, and be confident in the kitchen with delicious results!

Did you take home-ec when you were in school? What’s the one thing that scares you in the kitchen? 

p.s. I started my cross fit classes this past Tuesday and all I can say so far is… I.can’!


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