What a Wonderful Weekend & Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a very relaxing Memorial Day! The past two years I’ve spent the holiday relaxing with my friends at Myrtle Beach, but this year I stuck around DC and went to North Beach, MD to catch some sand and sun (I promise there was actually some sun… I got a little sunburn to prove it)!

north beach

But Saturday may have been my official kick-off to summer with a little afternoon 5 mile run with a friend and then a night out for some seafood and fun at Tim’s Rivershore in Virginia with some lovely people…@thefire

They had a pig roast and a bonfire going, and (as always) some live music and tons of sweet outdoorsy ambiance. If you haven’t been there…GO!

PLUS we got to see a moonrise! This picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice, but the moon came up over the water just like a sunrise…it was amazing!



And… I finished my last crossfit foundation course, which graduates me to make a fool of myself in regular classes now! Yippee! #Iwill do one unassisted pull-up by the time this whole crossfit thing is over!

I also made a few new playlists including this gem… that features one of my new guilty pleasure spin songs…

It’s a simple climb, jump, hill, sprint loop repeated 4 times, use the first one as a warm up and then stretch…I told my student to make the middle two loops their hardest of class, and then the last loop is the beginning of a cool down, but still working.

Enjoy 🙂

spin 36


Have any guilty pleasure workout songs? 


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