Hi Hi July!

I’ve been seriously slacking on my postings! Ah! So now that the summer heat is officially here it’s time to say…

And get back to blogging regularly 🙂 And, back to goal setting! This month I’m…

-Joining Carrots and Cardio’s #plankchallenge

-Getting back to 1gal of H20 a day (with lots o lemon)

-Vowing to get a workout in at least once a day while I’m away in Florida for vacation!

-Watching my portions… eating clean does not equal eating however much I want… how do I keep forgetting that?

fit in the kitchen

I’m also finishing out some of my major #bucketlist items this month! Including…

-Making Julia Child’s famous Beuof Bourguignon with friends and then of course eating it!

-Visiting the last few Smithsonian museums that I haven’t been to (if I step foot in the Hirschhorn, the Castle and the American Indian museums I will have been to them all)

-Going to the DC Zoo to see the pandas and elephants! I’ve never seen a panda (so excited)

 What are your July goals? 


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