5kschmiveK Labor Day weekend!

Happy Tuesday AKA end of Labor Day weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday for two main reasons… 1. It meant a Monday off (woot woot) and 2. It secretly means that fall is on the way (or autumn if you want to get fancy). Since the weather is cooling off it also means a smattering of 5ks in the Pittsburgh area. I ran my first 5k in 3 years yesterday morning with my Auntie Em…

me&aunt Em

AND we both hit a new PR! I ran about an 8.2min mile, which wasn’t too shabby since it was about a million degrees outside and I haven’t really been running a whole lot. Go us! Lady power!


Labor Day weekend also means I visit this lovely lady…my friend (and former college roommate) Deanna!


And we stuff our faces with delicious food from the Canfield Fair in Ohio…Mmmmm cinnamon rolls the size of your head that will send you straight into a sugar coma… insert Homer Simpson-sounding drooling noise —> HERE!


Seriously that cinnamon roll might be god’s food gift to humans… BUT this weekend was my last hurrah for awhile. I’m gearing up to Strike Sugar this September (starting post holiday of course), so this is my last weekend of things like that cinnamon roll (sigh).

Want to #strikesugar with me? Leave a comment below and we’ll go at it together! If you want to know more about what it means to really strike sugar you might want to check out the Eat Clean Diet from Tosca Reino. Happy Labor Day!


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