Thankful Thursday (plus a little throwback)

TGIT…It’s Thursday and I’m being a good little blogger and remembering that it’s Thankful Thursday! Today I’m thankful for 3, count ’em 3 things…

1…I’m thankful for my education! I went to a small, Christian Liberal Arts school in Canton, OH called Malone University. I recently got to meet our new President and his wife at a DC-area alumni event.  And now… I’m being featured in my alma mater’s alumni e-newsletter!!! How cool!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 4.43.16 PM

Our Director of Alumni and Parent Relations visited me that same weekend and we randomly shot this video on the road in front of my workplace (completely on the fly). I was nervous that I NEVER got to see it before it was sent out to every alumni of my university AHH! If you wanna watch just click the picture, but be kind 😉

2…I’m thankful for good conversation over steaming cups of coffee! I had breakfast at Jimmy T’s (an awesome Capitol Hill diner-esque kind of place) with my friend Brian (you can spot him in the #tbt pic below). I strayed from my current vegan-vore diet and had an scrumptious spinach, mushroom, and feta omelette! It was so good I didn’t even stop to be a hipster and take a pic of it… use your foodie imagination!

So here’s to old friends you love to laugh with…my throwback for #tbt…


 A combo of staff members during the summer of 2008 that I spent working on the Eastern Shore of VA…what a summer…what a group!

3… I’m thankful for hope! It’s Easter weekend, and what could be more hope-filled than that!? Spring is (kind of) here, I get to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection with friends and family, AND I’m headed on a quick trip down south in hopes of taking another step toward becoming a Certified Health Educator!

What are you thankful for today? Any exciting plans for the weekend? 


Thankful Thursday!

So, I know I’ve missed the opportunity for quite a few Thankful Thursday posts, but today I’m truly thankful for…

family ziplining



I just spent a week in Florida visiting two sides of my family, and boy am I exhausted! We did saw so much, and now that I’m back I think I may need another week just to recuperate!

But, that’s definitely not happening because tonight it’s also back to teaching spin! My students better be ready for me because I put together a Back in the Saddle playlist for them knowing I’d need a good post-vacay workout (altho I did get in a spin class, a nice long run, and walked and walked and walked while I was away).

Check out the playlist on Rhapsody

It’s a climb, jump, hill, sprint profile that features a song from Aerosmith’s new album and a classic from LL Cool J 😀 I’m super tired but pumped to try it out!

What are YOU thankful for this Thursday!?